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Finding the "Right School" for your Child:

It's Really Worth A Visit

Every school-public, private, or parochial-has its own personality. That atmosphere, that sense you get when you walk in, that feeling of what the school is about is a combination of a number of things:

  • the qualities of those that lead the school (administration, teachers, and support staff)
  • the core values of the school (what key commitments guide what is done)
  • the mission of the school (what they are really trying to accomplish in students)
  • what the school looks like inside and out (clean, dingy, colorful, decorated)
  • the standards that are upheld in communication, expectations and behavior.

When parents are evaluating schools to find the right fit for their own desires and their particular child, all of these elements should play a key role in the decision.

While some of these can be in writing, the true test is to visit the school (especially when the students are there) and observe, talk to key individuals, and ask questions. Only then, can parents begin to determine if a particular school will promote the same things as the parents are building into their own child.

A student will develop more fully in schools which endeavor to build their mind, body, skills, social relationships, character, and spirit in cooperation with their parents. Take the time to "do your homework" when it comes to finding the right school for your child. Remember, getting a good grade always requires a little extra work-but it will be well worth it! 

Mr. Dale Moncrief,  VCA Administrator


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