VCA's Pre-Kindergarten

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Our 4 year-old preschool program will include well-planned, organized instructional strategies created and implemented by our Pre-K certified teacher, who will support and make experiential connections to extend each child’s abilities and skills.

Our students will learn about God our Creator through active, teacher-guided learning. They will have the opportunity to participate in physical education, music, art, and library with our certified teachers.

After lunchtime, the full day students will have an hour of designated rest time. The remainder of their day will be spent participating in gross motor activities and center based activities.


We are excited that our Pre-K class is expanding with two new schedule options:

   5-Day FULL Day . . . . . . . . . . . tuition is $6,460 per year
   3-Day FULL Day (T/W/Th) . . . tuition is $3,876 per year
   5-Day HALF DAY (AM) . . . . . . tuition is $3,230 per year

   All three class schedules begin at 8:30am. Students may be brought to the classroom as
          early as 8:00am.
   FULL Day classes end at 3:00pm and students may stay in the classroom until 4:00pm.
   HALF Day classes end at 12:00noon after lunch. Students must be picked up then.
Four-year olds are not able to ride busses, so no bussing is available.
Four-year olds are also not able to be part of our ESS (Extended Student Supervision)  
          program by state law.


Friday, March 23rd through Wednesday, March 28th:
All CURRENT VCA families and families wishing the FULL DAY schedule
may submit applications.

After Wednesday, March 28th:  OPEN ENROLLMENT
Any family may submit an
application for any of the three schedule options.

 Click HERE to submit a student application.


If you need further information, please contact our Elementary Principal:
Mrs. Judy Seiple at 330-562-8191 x306 or