"On a Mission" at VCA

What's Happening through VCA Missions:  2017-2018

Updated On: January 12th, 2018


October 9-16th, 2017: Students, Faculty and Staff raise $938 to help Hurricane Victims. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, VCA makes a difference in these Texas classrooms.

Together is truly better!


1. Frazier Elementary School - Houston Texas: Refurnished School Counselor’s Office ruined by water damage.

Letter of Thanks from Ms. Blue:

Dear Valley Christian Academy,

          Words can not express how much your generosity has touched the hearts of the students and staff at Frazier Elementary. Our community has suffered a great deal of loss after Hurricane Harvey flooded our school and the homes of many of our families and so many of our students lost everything. By donating to our project you have demonstrated that there is so much good in the world and that we are truly blessed.
The furniture that you helped purchase for our counseling office is absolutely beautiful and helped transform an office that was left in pretty bad shape into an oasis of calmness and peace. My students were in awe when they entered my office the first time and wanted to try out every seat that was available. They've all commented on how comfortable the furniture is and one student even commented that he wanted to live there. Staff members stop by on a daily basis to just sit for a moment to gather their thoughts and enjoy the calm environment. 
          Once again, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to my project. Your generous donation has helped bring healing to a hurting school and there are no words to express what that means to me!

With gratitude, Ms. Blue



2. Mauriceville Middle School - Orange, Texas: Replaced ruined Band Instruments for Middle Schoolers.

Letter of Thanks from Mrs. Smith:

Dear Valley Christian Academy,

          Thank you for your generous donations to our band program. Our community and school were devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and many of us are still recovering from it. We received about 2 feet of water in the school, and many of our instruments were lost due to the water inside the school. Our students will use these instruments in various ensembles and individual settings. Our band classes meet every day, and it is important for them to be able to play on a quality instrument every day to make quality sounds. Our next step for our students is to get ready for our solo and ensemble contest in early February. Students must work up a solo to play for a judge for a rating. If a student receives the highest rating possible, they earn a medal.

With gratitude, Mrs. Smith












3. Shadydale Elementary School - - Houston, Texas: Provided hands-on learning activities &books for Pre-K - 2nd graders.

Response Letter of Thanks from Ms. Casey:

Dear Valley Christian Academy.

          It is both a great honor and my pleasure to explain how your donations to getting my classroom fully funded has positively impacted my classroom. Because of your generosity my students have a new found excitement to exploring learning inside the classroom. The hands-on learning centers that I have been able to setup inside the classroom since receiving the supplies has not only boosted the student's confidence in wanting to learn, it has also promoted a willingness to learn and be successful inside each and every one of them.
          The smiles on their faces when they are participating in learning groups are beyond priceless and has also shown me that they are slowly but surely recovering from the devastation that Hurricane Harvey initially left them in just a few short months ago. They are gaining the strength needed to pick up the pieces. They have started to depend on having the type of classroom where they can feel safe and learn at their pace and on their individual levels in order to grow and be successful. They lean on one another and hold themselves accountable for their learning more and more. I have yet to find out which center/station that they enjoy exploring the most. They carry the same excitement from one center/station to each center/station in the classroom. 

Ms. Casey, Shadydale Elementary School